Black aluminum dragon tail with chrome spikes and a spade tip. It also has an underbelly in standard aluminum.

The base pattern for this was clean and simple, but the details were nice. The spikes down the spine accentuate the surface and catch the light nicely. They each attach onto the scales with a screw, which I use thread-lock solution on to help ensure they don’t loosen. This pattern has become my standard arrangement of spikes. Though I can only get 2 sizes of these spikes, I feel like this arrangement does a good job of giving the impression of a gradual decrease of size from the top to the bottom.

The other fun detail on this tail was the spade tip. It’s made of leather, which I laser-cut out to get an accurate pattern, stain, and sew together by hand. It attaches via 3 lobster clasps, so it can be removed or swapped out.

I’m going to post another set of photos with close-ups and details of this tail, because I have a few more photos. If I have a chance before I ship this out to the commissioner, I’ll try to get photos with this outside somewhere pretty.

If you’re curious about these dragon tails I make, feel free to check out my commission information page about them and drop me a message!

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