Some action shots of my personal dragon tail and scale shirt, as seen at the dance party of a convention I attended recently. I incorporated a bunch of lobster clasps into the weave on these, specifically so I could attach glowsticks all the way down the spine like you see here.

You can also see the acrylic spade tip I put on the tail. It’s a clear fluorescent green, which lights up under black light. I have a couple other tips that I use depending on the circumstance. They also attach with lobster clasps, so it’s easy to swap them out.

At some point I want to set up a photo shoot to get some really nice photos of this tail with the glowsticks. The right way to do it would be to start with a completely darkened studio, with a black background and some studio strobes. Set up a long exposure, maybe half a second to get good long trails on the glowsticks, and have the strobes flash at the end of the exposure to get a freeze-frame of the tail and the person. Sadly, I have no good space to set up as a studio, no big black backdrops, and no strobes. Ah well.

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