Here’s a combination of wood and clear plastic scales. This particular one I think didn’t work out super well. The first shot shows the plastic scales with nice reflections, which makes them look nice, but when you don’t have the reflections it kind of looks like just two disconnected lines of wooden scales.

Also, I suspect nobody else would, but I can tell in this one that I slightly missed the right sizing of the holes for the wooden scales. They’re a little too big I think, and the inner rings bump up against each other a bit where they link through the clear scales. Though if the holes are too big, that’s confusing, because it seems to require a couple more wooden than normal scales to cover the same distance. So if the holes are too big, that seems backwards. Oh well, I’ll make some variants with slightly different sizes and I’ll figure it out.

This one I’m not putting up for sale right away actually (since I didn’t think it worked very well). So instead this is the one that I’ll be wearing around for a while and seeing how much abuse I can put it through before it breaks. So far it’s holding up pretty well to blunt impacts and to forceful pulls.

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